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"The Chamber of Judgement" is the fifth episode of the third season of What We Do in the Shadows. It aired on September 23, 2021.


Justice is served, both vampirically and also in small claims court.

Plot Summary[]

Nandor and Nadja are presented with the opportunity to act as head judge for several vampire tribunals, but only one can have the privilege of sitting on the throne of the Chamber of Judgement. As the trial commences, the judges cannot decide on who should sit on the throne, or even if the throne should be used. Guillermo, in a bid for power, convinces them into having him disguise himself as a vampire and sit on the throne.

The first vampire on trial is Iorek the Knavish, accused of killing other vampires by tricking them into buying a fake magical herb that would supposedly protect them from sunlight. After seeing the video evidence of multiple victims burning in the sun, the judges decide to spare his life and lock him in a cell for an undetermined amount of time. The second vampire is brought in under the charges of scaring humans by turning into a bat in the subway, stealing IV bags from blood donor centres, feeding on bystanders out in the open and owning an unlicensed hellhound named Aspen. Guillermo is shocked to realise the vampire is Derek, the sole member of the Mosquito Collectors of the Tri-State Area that he had failed to save. The vampire judges are disgusted by Derek's reckless behaviour and decide to sentence him to death in the Well of Daylight to make up for the previous judgement, despite Guillermo’s protests.

Guillermo secretly comes to see Derek in the well and gives him his coat to protect him. Back at home, Guillermo secretly gossips to both Nandor and Nadja, claiming that others were accusing each vampire of being walked over by the other.

Meanwhile, Laszlo attends Sean's “boys-only night”, accompanied by Colin Robinson with him. The gathering turns out to be an attempt for Sean to convince his friends to buy the “Guy Pillows” he has invested in as part of a pyramid scheme. When everyone refuses to buy them, Sean storms out and confides in Laszlo that he has bought too many pillows and is being taken to small claims court for failing to sell them. As an apparent former barrier of the Queen's Bench, Laszlo offers to defend Sean in court the following night. Due to having not been in a human court for over 300 years, Laszlo fails to act appropriately, and Colin is no help as a de facto paralegal. Sean is ordered to pay $12,700. Laszlo and Sean drown their sorrows at a bar and return to the vampire residence.

Guillermo brings Laszlo and Derek to the Chamber of Judgement, pretending that Derek had escaped, and Guillermo lies about him having the right to a defence attorney. With Laszlo too drunk to provide an effective defence, Guillermo speaks on his behalf and claims that Laszlo volunteers to mentor Derek and work off his transgressions. Nadja accepts this deal just so that Laszlo can have the satisfaction of finally winning a court case. Guillermo then unlocks Aspen's cage to reveal him as a normal-looking dog.

During the end credits, Derek is seen hypnotizing people into buying Guy Pillows to help Sean pay his dues.



Guest starring[]



  • You're Dead performed by Norma Tanega (opening credits)
  • Judgement Day performed by GOODING (end credits)[1]