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Nandor, also known as Nandor the Relentless, is a 762-year-old Persian vampire who was once a general in the Ottoman Empire. He is a main character in the television series What We Do in the Shadows.


Nandor The Relentless, is a fierce Ottoman warrior and a caller of house meetings. He is the de facto head of the vampire household, and despite his reputation as a conqueror, he’s actually a bit of a softy. He was hard hit when he learned that his country, Al Qolnidar, was dissolved in the 15th century and no one thought to tell him.[9]

Human life[]

Nandor was born in 1262 in Al Qolnidar, in what is now southern Iran. He rose to power as the nation's Supreme Viceroy in 1279.[10] Nandor became a general of the Ottoman Empire, presumably some time after its founding in 1299. During this time he pillaged many villages without discrimination[8] and twice turned the Euphrates “red with blood”.[11]

As a human general, Nandor owned a horse named Jahan, whom he was very fond of, and Jahan assisted him in numerous battles. One day, Nandor and his army became stranded with no food and Nandor had no choice but to kill and eat Jahan. Nandor was devastated and wept while doing so, even though Jahan was "delicious".[12] Nandor would later misremember his name as "John", and secretly missed him, regretting not being nicer to him.[13] Nandor was married to 37 men and women at once and loved 35 of them.[5]

Life as a vampire[]

It was during this marriage that he became a vampire, however his maker has never been identified.[5] He gained the unique abilities of pyrokinesis[8] and being able to turn into vapor.[14] All of his wives became sick of his moodiness, sleeping during the day and blood-drinking and they all left, taking his children with them. He tried to visit them but kept scaring them away.[5] Nandor was eventually driven out of Al Qolnidar by peasants.[15]

At some point between 1362 and 1457, Nandor razed a village in Greece.[16] The decimated village would later become the birthplace of Nadja, his future vampire roommate. Nadja would not realize this until the 21st century.[1]

Nandor eventually learned English, forgot how to speak Persian[12] and failed to notice the dissolving of Al Qolnidar in 1401.[15] He moved into a house with fellow vampires Nadja, Laszlo Cravensworth and Colin Robinson in Staten Island, New York. Nandor took on a young familiar named Benjy Everett during the 1970s, but grew tired of him. Nandor wiped Benjy’s memories and abandoned him at a rest stop in Delaware.[17]

During the late seventies or early eighties, he began an on-off relationship with a human woman named Gail. He would spend the next forty years falling into a pattern of dating her, offering to turn her into a vampire so they could be together forever, getting turned down and reconnecting with her.[18]

Nandor applied for American citizenship in 1992, motivated to do so out of idolization for his five favourite basketball players: Johnson, Jordan, Bird, Barkley and Ewing, the starting line-up for the US Olympic men’s basketball team. He did not however complete the application process because he got distracted by the Macarena.[15]

Around 2009 he adopted a new human familiar, Guillermo.[8] Despite having three roommates and a loyal familiar for several years, Nandor did express feelings of loneliness.[19]

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 1)[]

Nandor and Guillermo shopping

Nandor and Guillermo look for goods to impress Afanas.

Shortly after the documentary crew arrived, Nandor received a letter from Baron Afanas, a ferocious member of vampire royalty, saying that he will visit them soon. In preparation, Nandor asked Guillermo to bring over virgins for a feast. Afanas was brought in a stone coffin to the vampires' attic. The reunion went badly, with the Baron lamenting the vampires not having taken over New York, and threatening them with death if they do not do so by the time he reawakens. Colin also drained the energy of the virgins (Jenna and Jonathan) before the other vampires could eat them.[8]

That night, Nandor and Guillermo mused over the tenth anniversary of Guillermo’s servitude. Guillermo prepared to be transformed into a vampire, but Nandor instead rewarded him with a portrait of them both made from glitter. As Nandor returned to his coffin, Guillermo considered exposing the sunlight, but changed his mind.[8]

Nandor Council

Nandor issues a threat to Staten Island Borough Council.

Colin suggested the vampires start their plot to take over Staten Island by meeting with Staten Island Borough Council. There, Nandor warned the council that he will take over, but it was not taken seriously as it has nothing to do with the purpose of the evening’s meeting (zoning ordinances). Nandor then decided to treat the junior councilperson Doug Peterson as a “pawn” to take down council president Barbara Lazarro. He hypnotised Doug from a distance and controlled his mind. At the next meeting, Peterson violently insulted and threatened the council, only to be tackled by security. The vampires gave up on the plan to take over the council.[11]

Laszlo caught a werewolf, Arjan, with a trap in his topiary garden, causing conflict between the flat vampires and Arjan’s werewolf pack. Nandor broke up a fight in their front yard and insisted they follow the rules of the truce laid out in the Staten Island Lycanthrope Vampire Agreement of 1993. In accordance of the rules, he as the strongest vampire fought against the strongest werewolf of the group, Toby, on the roof of an abandoned store. Nandor won the battle by throwing a squeaky bone toy off the roof, which Toby leapt after. The vampires flew away from the scene, leaving a frightened Guillermo behind.[20]

Nandor outside the club

Nandor enters the Sassy Cat Club.

Reconsidering their plan to take over New York, the vampires decided to meet with Simon the Devious, the leader of the Manhattan vampires and owner of a popular vampire nightclub The Sassy Cat Club. There, Guillermo was intimidated by another vampire and Nandor did a sloppy job of defending him. Fed up, Guillermo left the club. Nandor met with Simon and he only agreed to join forces if Laszlo handed over his witch skin hat. Laszlo eventually agreed, and Simon went back on his word and kicked the roommates out of the club. Nandor found Guillermo outside and apologised, making up for it by carrying Guillermo while flying over Manhattan, only to accidentally drop him onto a food truck. The vampires visited him in hospital and Nandor told Guillermo he was a friend, before getting embarrassed and making Guillermo forget that he said it.[19]

Nandor Colin Animal Control

Nandor and Colin plot to release Laszlo from Staten Island Animal Control.

While attempting to eat Phil, the vampires’ new neighbour, Laszlo entered his window in bat form only to be beaten unconscious with a broom by Phil’s girlfriend. As Nandor, Colin and Guillermo planned to get him out, Staten Island Animal Control arrived and took a caged Laszlo to their shelter. Nandor failed to hypnotise the animal control workers into freeing him, so he tried two other methods of infiltrating the holding room: flying into the window as a bat, which only resulted in him accidentally freeing the wrong bat, and transforming into a dog so he could get taken in, which left him trapped in a cage himself. Nandor and Laszlo were only freed when Guillermo called Nadja for help, she hypnotised the receptionist, Bobby, into letting her in.[21]

Nandor wizard

An intoxicated Nandor becomes a "wizard".

When Afanas finally awoke, he requested a ‘night on the town’ with Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja. He proceeded to get intoxicated after consuming the blood of drunk humans and at one bar, Afanas admitted he had considered killing all of them earlier that night. Nandor admitted they were thinking of doing the same and laughed as Nadja and Laszlo joined in. The Baron appeared to be furious, causing the vampires to claim they were only joking, but he eventually burst out laughing himself. At a rave, the vampire group ate several people under the influence of drugs and became even more intoxicated. They just about arrived back at the flat as dawn approached, only for Afanas to burn to death when Guillermo opened the front door carrying roses that Nandor had previously requested for the Baron.[22]

Vampire trial

Nandor and his roommates on trial.

After burying Afanas in Laszlo’s topiary garden, Nandor, Nadja and Laszlo were summoned to the Vampiric Council to stand trial for Afanas’ murder. There, Guillermo gave evidence and confessed to the murder, but was not believed as he was seen as too weak or just trying to cover for Nandor. As the Council planned to eat Guillermo, Nandor confessed to the murder. The three vampires were sentenced to death by exposure to sunlight in a well. As the sun emerged, they were saved by Colin holding an umbrella over the well. They escaped in bat form, shielded from the sunlight in a cardboard box carried by Guillermo.[13]

When Nandor finally realised that Al Qolnidar had been dissolved, he felt lost and depressed. Guillermo suggested he finish applying for American citizenship and tried to help him revise for the test. Nandor attempted to hypnotise the government worker testing him, but was unable to as his soul was dead. Nandor failed the test and could not physically recite the word “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. He bemoaned his failure, causing Guillermo to snap and tell him to stop complaining because he was a vampire. Nandor felt better hearing this and declared himself to be a proud vampire who didn’t need citizenship.[15]

When his household was asked to host the Bi-Annual Vampire Orgy, he went shopping with Guillermo for supplies. At a party store, he met Guillermo’s friend, Jeremy, and was attracted to his perceived virginity and nosebleed problem. Desperate to please Nandor, Guillermo agreed to bring Jeremy to the orgy for the vampires to feed on. However, at the orgy the vampire guests left early when Jeremy was unveiled to them while having sex with another guest, Constantin.[23]

Before funeral

Nandor prepares to enter Madelaine's funeral.

Guillermo sent the DNA of himself and all the house vampires for testing to discover their ancestries. Thorough this process, Nandor discovered he had 200,000 direct living descendants, one of which being a childless woman named Madelaine Darbish living on Staten Island. Despite being warned not to by Colin and Guillermo, Nandor flew up to her window to greet her, not realising she was 94 years old. Madelaine screamed and dropped dead at the sight. Nandor finally experienced grief, and didn't like that. He attended her funeral in a church and began to burn at the religious surroundings. Guillermo tried to extinguish the flames, but accidentally threw holy water at him, worsening his injuries. An angry Nandor extended Guillermo’s servitude by a whole year. Guillermo, who had just discovered he was a descendant of the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing, began to wonder if his fate actually lay in vampire hunting.[5]

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 2)[]

Nandor keychain

Nandor with the keychain Wallace gave him.

During the months leading up to the documentary crew returning, the Vampiric Council sent ten vampire assassins to the Staten Island residence to try to kill the residing vampires. None of the vampires noticed as Guillermo successfully and secretly killed all of them. Meanwhile, Laszlo and Nadja gained a new familiar named Topher. One night, Topher accidentally killed himself while trying to reset a faulty heater by the koi pond in the yard. The vampires took Topher’s corpse to Wallace, a necromancer, who carried out the ritual and brought him back to consciousness, but when Topher returned to the house it became increasingly clear that he was a zombie. Topher eventually attacked Guillermo and tried to drown him in the koi pond, but Nandor rescued him and was unable to kill Topher. The vampires finally realized he was a zombie and brought him back to Wallace, demanding a refund. The vampires were instead swayed by the offer of free nametag keychains.[14]

Nandor with ghost

Nandor with his ghost.

When several objects in the house became misplaced, the vampires realised that they had a ghost infestation. They held a séance and brought back the ghost of Nadja’s former lover Jeff Suckler. Nandor was unable to physically fight him and Laszlo mused that as the three vampires died when they were turned, they may have ghosts themselves. They held a second séance and summoned the ghosts of Nandor, Nadja and Laszlo, and each vampire agreed to help their corresponding ghost achieve their unfinished business. Nandor and his ghost could not understand each other, but Nandor eventually realised that the ghost wanted to be reunited with Jahan. Nandor, his ghost and Colin hold another séance and successfully brought Jahan’s ghost back. Both he and the ghost were overjoyed to see Jahan back and Nandor’s ghost left with him.[12]

Superb Owl

Nandor and his roommates anticipate meeting the "Superb Owl".

During the 2020 Superbowl, Nandor and his roommates were invited to a party by their neighbours Sean Rinaldi and Charmaine Rinaldi, a couple who did not get along. There, Nandor and Laszlo ended up revealing to Sean that they were vampires and had to hypnotize him into forgetting. The hypnosis worked too well and he experienced “brain scramblies”, leaving him in a highly confused state. The vampire guests decided they would kill him to put him out of his misery, but also to make his last night exciting. The vampires flew him away from the house and demonstrated their superpowers to him, but this only made him more terrified and confused. Upon returning home and seeing Charmaine, who he did not recognise, he declared his love for her and the two made up. The vampires let Sean live so he can be devoted to his wife.[24]

The Curse ending

The roommates celebrate the "curse" ending.

Nandor decided to check his emails for the first time in over 10 years and found an old chain email saying that he had been cursed by Bloody Mary and that he must pass on the email to ten more people in order to lift the curse. As he, Laszlo and Nadja started to panic, Guillermo called home in a hushed voice warning them that they may be killed by the vampire hunting group he was currently infiltrating. The vampires assumed Guillermo’s voice was that of Bloody Mary and became even more worried. They worked frantically to try and find ten email addresses and eventually received enough with the help of Colin Robinson. They sent the email to the ten addresses and celebrated the ‘curse’ being lifted, although Nandor remained shaken by the incident.[25]

Nandor ages

Nandor ages rapidly due to Colin's energy draining.

Nadja finally discovered that Nandor destroyed her village when she found a painting of the scene in the house. She flew into a rage and tried to kill Nandor while Colin, who was already drunk on power from a recent promotion at his workplace, feasted on their energy. Colin used his powers to keep the vampires aggravated and Nandor, Nadja and Laszlo continued to argue with each other until they became too weak. Nandor contemplated eating Guillermo, but did not have the strength. Nandor aged rapidly and begged for mercy from Colin, but he rejected it, claiming that they never treated him as a friend. Colin then multiplied himself, creating two more copies, and declared them to be his new friends, but they became embedded in a boring discussion and fed off each other’s energy for sixty-three minutes until they all bored themselves to death. Colin’s roommates recovered and dragged the Colins’ bodies into the yard for a burial. After they gave a heartfelt eulogy, the original Colin suddenly awakened, admitting that he pretended to dead in order to hear it. The painting feud was solved by Laszlo editing it to dramatically alter the scene.[1]

One night, Nandor’s household was approached by a vampire named Jim, demanding Laszlo pay back his debt for not paying the rent and security deposit of Jim’s beach house one hundred and sixty-seven years ago. Jim forced Laszlo to either pay the money or fight him in a duel. Against Nadja and Nandor’s suggestions, Laszlo agreed to a duel, but ran away when Jim’s back is turned. Laszlo fled to Clairton, Pennsylvania, and stayed there for several weeks until he settled the feud by gifting Jim with a Big Mouth Billy Bass toy. Nandor was indifferent when Laszlo eventually returned home.[26]

Nandor the Return

Nandor welcomes Simon into his home.

When Nadja discovered a poorly Simon living in the sewers of Staten Island with his supposed only remaining companions Carol and Count Rapula, she invited him to stay at her home. Guillermo accidentally killed Carol in an act of self-defence and Nandor walked in on the aftermath. Shocked that Guillermo was capable of killing a vampire, he agreed to keep the incident a secret to protect them both. Simon later stole the witch skin hat back again, and most likely drowned after he got his foot stuck in a collapsing sewer grate, with Nandor and his roommates refusing to help.[27]

Guillermo forgives Nandor

Guillermo agrees to continue serving Nandor.

An elderly Benjy eventually regained his memories and returned to the Staten Island household, ready to become a vampire. When Guillermo found out what happened to Benjy, he was so upset that he left Nandor to serve Celeste, a familiar who was supposedly turned into a vampire by her master Houston. Benjy took over Guillermo’s role and struggled to serve Nandor due to his old age. Nandor tried to convince Guillermo to return but was unsuccessful, but when Celeste turned out to be a human pretending to be a vampire, Nandor took Guillermo back and turned Benjy into a vampire.[17]

Nandor witches

Nandor on the night he was kidnapped by witches.

Nandor and Laszlo were both kidnapped by a coven of witches and imprisoned in their hideout in Brooklyn. The witches intended to take their semen to use for spells, which aroused the vampires until they realised it would be extracted using dangerous eighteenth century surgical tools. Guillermo arrived and saved them by offering to sell the witches Nandor and Laszlo’s semen on a regular basis.[28] Later, Nandor and Laszlo agreed to "finish each other off" to satisfy their arousal.

Nandor Theatre

Nandor runs out of clean clothes after Guillermo leaves.

Guillermo eventually became too distracted by his possible vampire hunter heritage and left the house, causing the vampires to struggle without him. They were invited to the exclusive Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires event, not realising it was a trap set by Vladislav of the Vampiric Council. Guillermo later realised what was happening and made his way to the theatre. At the event, the four vampires were bound to their seats and forced to watch a re-enactment of them killing Baron Afanas, Ludwig, multiple Council assassins and the Hustle Dynasty (all of which were actually victims of Guillermo). As Vladislav prepared to execute the roommates on stage, Nandor claimed Guillermo was responsible and that he had been killed, but this was not believed. Guillermo then swung onto the stage and killed almost the entire cast and audience, thus saving his masters.[29]

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 3)[]

Following the massacre at the Nouveau Theatre Des Vampires, the vampire roommates became afraid of Guillermo and imprisoned him in a cage in the basement. The vampires argued over what to do with him, with Nandor being the only one who wanted him alive. After a month, the Vampiric Council guide arrived to deliver the news that the Council were impressed by the group's supposed ability to kill so many vampires and assigned them as the new leaders of the Vampiric Council of the Eastern Seaboard of the New World. The vampires then decided to let Guillermo live and promoted him to the role of bodyguard, before "hypnotizing" him into never harming them, unaware that Guillermo was immune to hypnotism.[30]

Nandor and Nadja agreed to work together as heads of the Vampiric Council of the Eastern Seaboard of the New World, working as a team, even though both wanted to secretly overthrow the other. Their first duty was to confront the Council of Vampires, a group who rejected the Vampiric Council and refused to pay their dues. Nandor tried to peacefully negotiate with their leader, Wes Blankenship, but Nadja wanted to use a more aggressive approach and ripped Wes' heart out as a warning to the rest of his group. During the same night, Nandor asked Laszlo to disguise himself as Nandor using the Cloak of Duplication to help him seduce Meg, the receptionist of Massive Fitness, the gym Nandor frequented. Laszlo, Colin and Guillermo all used the cloak to carry out the deed but failed to impress her. Nandor later tried to ask her out himself, but she turned him down as she was a lesbian.[31]

Gail kickball

Nandor plays kickball with the Staten Island Werewolf Support Group.

Shortly afterwards, Nandor got back with Gail again and planned to propose to her. As he planned his proposal, Nadja discovered that she had become a werewolf, a fact that Nandor was aware of. His roommates were furious and Nandor suggested they make peace with her pack, the Staten Island Werewolf Support Group. There, they found that Gail was having a fling with her fellow pack member Anton. The two parties decided to settle their differences with a game of kickball and Nadja accidentally killed Gail by kicking the ball at her. Nandor turned her into a vampire to bring her back and proposed to her, but she turned him down and flew away.[18]

Vampires The Casino

Nandor and his roommates regain their powers and plot to get their money back.

Nandor and his roommates went on their first vacation in decades when Sean invited them to the Monaco Grand Hotel and Casino facility for his wedding vow renewal. After the first night, the roommates struggled to sleep in the hotel and realized that the soils of their homelands had been hoovered up by housekeeping. Guillermo flew the vampires' homelands, including Southern Iran, to collect new soil. In his absence, Nandor becomes grew contemplative and had Colin teach him about the nature of the universe and the Big Bang theory. Laszlo borrowed money from Sean to pay for the tickets. Once Guillermo returned with the soil, the group used their newly regained powers to fix a boxing match to earn enough money to pay Sean back.[32]

Nandor Chamber of Judgement

Nandor as judge in the Chamber of Judgement.

Nandor and Nadja were presented with the opportunity to act as head judge for several vampire tribunals. They sentenced Iorek the Knavish to imprisonment for multiple vampicide, but then sentenced the recently-turned Derek to death by sunlight for several petty crimes. Guillermo rescued Derek from the well and had him put on trial again, with a drunken Laszlo defending him. Guillermo convinced the judges that Derek's petty crimes occurred because he was left without a mentor, and Laszlo “offered” to fill that role as an alternative to execution.[33]

Nandor and Nadja's negligence caused the Sire, the progenitor of all vampires in the world, to escape his cell in the Temple of Blood-Devourers. This caused panic among the Council due to the superstition that when a vampire dies, any vampires they created will also expire. Laszlo suddenly realized that if the Baron was dead, Nadja should have also died too. He, Colin and Guillermo raced home to exhume Afanas. The Baron, in surprisingly good spirits, agreed to help the team find the Sire. The group tracked the Sire to a supermarket, where Nandor initially tried to use Guillermo as bait before accepting responsibility for the escape. The Sire was eventually calmed when Afanas spoke to him in their ancient language and became his roommate.[34]

Nadja's council role kept her so occupied that she had no time to spend with her ghost, who was possessing a doll. Feeling neglected, the ghost ran away. Nadja, Nandor and Guillermo found her in a toy store, where she hopped from host to host and possessed a giant inflatable rat to run away. Nandor and Nadja chased her into an alleyway and Nandor punctured the rat host. As she slowly deflated, she and Nadja reconciled, and the ghost returned to the doll and back to the house.[35]

Nandor Ascension

Archive footage of Nandor celebrating his Ascension Day, prior to 2021.

Nandor's failure to find love led him to fall into a depression, and he was too sad to celebrate his Ascension Day. To distract him, Nadja sent Nandor to confront Jan, a vampire who had not been paying her union fees. Nandor ended up getting lured into her Post-Chiropteran Wellness Center cult, a group of vampires who were trying to become human again. He left the house and engaged with the cult's human rituals, which included removing their fangs every night. Guillermo became concerned and snuck into the center. He was soon caught and he kidnapped Nandor, trapping him in a car with silver-lined seatbelts and locking him in the basement cage.[10]

Nandor Guillermo A Farewell

Nandor attempts to super slumber.

Nandor's roommates were horrified to find him under the belief that he was a human, and began trying to deprogram him. Their efforts made him even less happy and he decided to take a “super slumber”. His roommates were deeply saddened by this but respected his wishes, and he attempted to go to sleep his own coffin. His slumber was interrupted three times that night. First, Guillermo tried to encourage him to join a feast in honour of the Supreme Worldwide Vampiric Council, but Nandor told his roommates to pretend Nadja killed him. Then the Council members demanded to see his corpse, and Nandor had to play dead. Finally, Guillermo came in to break the news that Colin Robinson was dying, having reached the end of his natural lifespan. Nandor followed Guillermo to find Colin's corpse in bed. Believing him to be faking it again, Nandor tried to wake him up and accidentally smashed his face in.[36]

Nandor posed for a portrait in Colin's honor. During the painting, tensions rose, and Nandor stormed off and told the camera crew that he was planning to leave Staten Island on his own. Guillermo insisted that he needed to go with him as his bodyguard. He finally revealed that the “hypnosis” Nandor carried out on him didn’t work, and the two had a fight, with Guillermo gaining the upper hand. Nandor told Guillermo that he had passed his “test” and proved that he can take care of them both. Nandor invited Guillermo to accompany him on his journey, promising that he would turn him into a vampire once they reached the River Tigris.

Nandor The Portrait

Nandor is left alone at the train station.

Meanwhile, Laszlo and Nadja decided they would return to the UK for Nadja's new senior role within the council. However as they packed, Laszlo discovered that Colin had been reborn as an infant, and secretly realized he needed to take care of him. As Laszlo and Nadja went to the port of New York and New Jersey, Guillermo accompanied them to say goodbye, with the intention of returning to take Nandor to the train station for his travels. After Nadja and her doll settled into her coffin in a box, Laszlo pushed Guillermo into his coffin and nailed the box shut. Laszlo wrote a letter to Nadja explaining that he could not accompany her to the UK and had shipped Guillermo instead to look after her. With no idea where Guillermo was, Nandor sadly boarded his train alone, leaving Guillermo's luggage at the station.[37]



Powers & Abilities[]

Common Powers[]

Nandor has all the common abilities of a vampire which include:

  • Immortality: Vampires do not age past the point from when they were turned and are thus unable to die from old age.
  • Enhanced Strength: Nandor is easily able to throw a full-grown human across a room or fling them into a wall, breaking it.
  • Enhanced Speed: Vampires are able to move extremely quickly, appearing as a blur. Nandor was able to reach space in 1 hour and 41 minutes.
  • Enhanced Durability: Vampires are able to shrug off mortal wounds that would kill a normal human. Nandor has been able to survive the vacuum of space, fire from reentry and even crashing into earth from orbit.
  • Enhanced Senses: Vampires have heightened senses, including enhanced hearing, smell and the ability to see in the dark.
  • Flight: Vampires can levitate off the ground and fly unassisted. Nandor ability to fly was great enough that he is able to fly into space.
  • Hypnosis: Vampires possess a form of mind control through eye-contact and verbal commands. They can compel their victims to follow orders or erase their memories. Nandor's ability for hypnosis has been stated to be greater than the average vampire.
  • Shapeshifting: A vampires can transform into different animal forms, such as bats or canines.
  • Wall Crawling: A vampire can climb walls without the use of tools or any kind of equipment.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: A vampire's body will heal quickly when wounded.

Unique Abilities[]

Nandor is among those vampires that has abilities unique to him.

  • Pyrokinesis: Nandor is able to combust objects and set them on fire with just a hand wave.
  • Vapor Form: Nandor can turn himself into a vapor form, often done in order to pass under doors but prefers his bat form for flight.
  • Enhanced Hypnosis: Nandor's ability for hypnosis has been stated to be greater than the average vampire.
  • Telekinesis: Nandor has telekinesis to a limited degree, he has only been seen to be able to move rugs and open doors.
  • Nandor flew to maybe the lower thermosphere. According to Laszlo, vampires can only ascend as high as the lowest cloud in the area. Which for low level clouds is anything below 2km in altitude. Judging from the view of Earth and a satellite in the background, Nandor reached roughly 200km. Since upon re-entry he started to burn up in the mesosphere.


Nandor has all the weaknesses that come with being a vampire:

  • Sunlight: Will burn in sunlight, with even small amounts of exposure causing him to start smoking.
  • Wooden Stake: A wooden stake to the heart will instantly kill him.
  • Decapitation: If Nandor's head is cut off he will die.
  • Holy Water: Contact will cause his skin to burn.
  • Garlic: Contact will cause his skin to burn.
  • Silver: Contact will cause his skin to burn.
  • Salt: Contact will cause his skin to burn.
  • Blood Diet: Without blood, Nandor will grow weak and become decrepit in appearance over time.
  • Invitation: Nandor cannot enter a home or premises without an invitation from the owner.
  • Religious Imagery: Will harm or frighten him. Prolonged exposure will cause him to burn and bleed from the eyes, even references as small as crossed fingers can repel him.
  • Religious Phrases: His mouth will catch fire if he tries to say religious phrases sincerely.
  • Homeland Soil: Nandor cannot rest or regain his vampiric powers without sleeping within close proximity to soil from his place of birth.


  • His traits are similar to Vladislav because both were once warriors to powerful empires.
  • He has "head ripping" gloves.[24]
  • Nandor is pansexual.[38] In the Season 3 episode, Cloak of Duplication, he states that he likes both men and women, has been intimate with Laszlo several times,[28][2] and is offered an invitation to join Laszlo and Nadja in a threesome.[7] In Season 4 it is revealed that his 37 wives included both men and women, as well as showing him courting several of his former "guy wives" alongside his "girl wives".[39]
  • Nandor secretly smuggled and keeps hidden over 850 lbs of gold and ancestral treasure from his homeland, Al Qolnidar.




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