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Guillermo de la Cruz[8] is the bodyguard and former familiar of the vampire Nandor. He is a main character in What We Do in the Shadows (TV series).


Early life[]

Guillermo was born around 1991.[7] He was raised as Catholic[1] by his mother Silvia in The Bronx.[9] He first became interested in vampires as a child after seeing Antonio Banderas portray Armand in Interview with a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. This was Guillermo’s first time seeing a Hispanic vampire in pop culture. After watching the film, Guillermo cosplayed as Armand for Halloween.[10]

He worked at Panera Bread[8] until 2009, when he became Nandor’s familiar in the hope of one day being turned into a vampire. He moved into Nandor's residence at Staten Island with the vampire couple Laszlo and Nadja and the energy vampire Colin Robinson. Nandor worked Guillermo tirelessly, and Guillermo considered himself to be a slave, forced to stay awake during the day to lure and dispose of victims and at night to serve the vampires.

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 1)[]

Shortly after the documentary crew arrived, Nandor received a letter from Baron Afanas, a ferocious member of vampire royalty, saying that he will visit them soon. In preparation, Nandor asked Guillermo to bring over virgins for a feast. Guillermo invited two LARPers, Jenna and Jonathan, and pretended all the vampires in the house were also role players. Afanas was brought in a stone coffin to the vampires’ attic. As soon as he emerged, he ate Laszlo and Nadja’s familiar, June, making Guillermo nervous. The Baron lamented the vampires not having taken over New York, and threatened them with death if they did not do so by the time he reawakened. Colin then drained the energy of the virgins before the other vampires could eat them.[10]

Nandor reflects on Guillermo's tenth anniversary of servitude.

Later that night, Nandor and Guillermo mused over the tenth anniversary of Guillermo’s servitude. Guillermo prepared to be transformed into a vampire, but Nandor instead rewarded him with a portrait of them both made from glitter. As Nandor returned to his coffin, Guillermo considered exposing the sunlight, but changed his mind.[10]

Guillermo brought the vampires to the LARPers again, but after watching them, the vampires decided that they would taste “too sad”. Nadja felt sorry for Jenna as the other members kept ignoring her, and Nadja turned her into a vampire.[11]

Laszlo caught a werewolf, Arjan, in a trap in his garden. The vampires brought the unconscious werewolf inside and Guillermo nervously bandaged his leg. Arjan reverted back to human form and leapt out of the window. His pack later arrived with him and urinated all over the garden, causing a feud with the vampires. Nandor broke up a fight in their front yard and insisted they follow the rules of the truce laid out in the Staten Island Lycanthrope Vampire Agreement of 1993. In accordance with the rules, he as the strongest vampire fought against the strongest werewolf of the group, Toby, on the roof of an abandoned store. Nandor won the battle by throwing a squeaky bone toy off the roof, which Toby leapt after. The vampires flew away from the scene, leaving a frightened Guillermo behind. The werewolves however left him alone to look after Toby.[12]

Nandor helps Guillermo "fly".

Reconsidering their plan to take over New York, the vampires decided to meet with Simon the Devious, the leader of the Manhattan vampires and owner of a popular vampire nightclub The Sassy Cat Club. There, Guillermo went into the familiars' room and realized that the other familiars were also poorly treated. Guillermo was then intimidated by another vampire and Nandor did a sloppy job of defending him. Fed up, Guillermo left the club. Nandor met with Simon and he only agreed to join forces if Laszlo handed over his witch skin hat. Laszlo eventually agreed, and Simon went back on his word and kicked the roommates out of the club. Nandor found Guillermo outside and apologized, making up for it by carrying Guillermo while flying over Manhattan, only to accidentally drop him onto a food truck. The vampires visited him in hospital and Nandor told Guillermo he was a friend, before hypnotizing Guillermo into forgetting this admission out of embarrassment. Laszlo retrieved his hat from an unconscious Simon at the hospital and caused Guillermo to flatline every time he put it on.[13]

Colin, Nandor and Guillermo accidentally release the wrong bat.

While attempting to eat Phil, the vampires’ new neighbor, Laszlo entered his window in bat form only to be beaten unconscious with a broom by Phil’s girlfriend. As Nandor, Colin and Guillermo planned to get him out, Staten Island Animal Control arrived and took a caged Laszlo to their shelter. Nandor failed to hypnotize the animal control workers into freeing him, so he tried two other methods of infiltrating the holding room: flying into the window as a bat, which only resulted in him accidentally freeing the wrong bat, and transforming into a dog so he could get taken in, which left him trapped in a cage himself. Nandor and Laszlo were only freed when Guillermo called Nadja for help; she hypnotized the receptionist, Bobby, into letting her in.[14]

Guillermo panics after accidentally killing Baron Afanas.

Colin sensed angry energy from the attic and realized Afanas was finally awakening. Nandor sent Guillermo to bring him red roses. The Baron requested to have a ‘night on the town’ with Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja. The vampires became intoxicated from drinking the blood of drunken and drugged humans. They just about arrived back at the flat as dawn approached, only for Afanas to burn to death in the sunlight when Guillermo opened the front door with the flowers.[15]

Guillermo gives evidence at the vampires' trial.

The following night, the vampires buried Afanas in the topiary garden, with no memory of how he was killed. A floating woman arrived and informed the group that they were to be put on trial under the Vampiric Council for their crimes. She led the group to the Temple of Blood-Devourers and made Guillermo wait in the familiars lounge until he was called to testify. The other familiars shared their experiences and admitted they knew very few familiars who became vampires. When Guillermo was called in to testify, he confessed to the murder and the vampires did not believe him as they thought he was either incapable of killing a vampire or lying to protect Nandor. As the council contemplated eating Guillermo, an idea which Nadja agreed with, Nandor confessed to the crime to keep Guillermo safe. The three vampires were sentenced to be killed by being locked in a well and slowly exposed to sunlight. Guillermo was left to escape the underground temple on his own and he accidentally impaled a vampire assistant, Ludwig, on an LED lamp holder after scaring him with his cross. When Guillermo reached the surface, he found Colin, who saved the vampires by shielding the well from the sunlight with a beach umbrella. Guillermo freed the vampires by smuggling them out in a box while they were in bat form.[16]

When Nandor finally realized that his homeland of Al Quolanudar no longer existed, he felt lost and depressed. Guillermo suggested Nandor complete his application for American citizenship and tried to help him study for the test. While doing this, Guillermo discovered that Jenna was now a vampire and was infuriated that she was transformed before him. Nandor later failed the citizenship test and could not physically recite the word “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. He bemoaned his failure, causing Guillermo to snap, telling him to stop complaining because he was a vampire. Upon hearing Guillermo's words, Nandor's spirits lifted, and he declared himself to be a proud vampire who didn’t need citizenship. Nandor failed to receive Guillermo’s hint that he wanted to be transformed.[17]

Guillermo acts as a mirror while the vampires rehearse the orgy.

The vampires were asked to host the Bi-Annual Vampire Orgy. Laszlo and Nadja ordered Guillermo to act as a ceiling mirror and organize their sex toys, causing him to become frustrated and storm to his room. Nandor tried to comfort him by pretending to listen to his problems. The two went shopping for supplies, and Guillermo bumped into Jeremy, his friend since high school. Nandor became attracted to Jeremy’s perceived virginity and chronic nosebleed problem, and he requested Jeremy come to the orgy. Desperate to become a vampire and having exhausted the town’s supply of virgins, Guillermo invited Jeremy to the “party.” Jeremy arrived, and Guillermo hid in his room. Guillermo began to have a panic attack out of guilt. He ran to save Jeremy as Nadja was about to unveil him to the vampires, only to witness Jeremy having sex with another vampire, Constantin. Disappointed, all the vampire guests left, leaving Jeremy safe.[1]

Guillermo began to feel more lonely and more like a "Renfield" than an Armand. Guillermo sent the DNA of himself and the other vampires to be tested for their ancestry. Laszlo and Nadja refused to look at their results, while Colin discovered that he was 100% white. Guillermo’s test revealed that he was mostly Mestizo, but also 3.12% Dutch as a descendent of the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing. Having killed two vampires already, Guillermo began to wonder if his destiny was really to be a vampire hunter and kept his test results a secret from the vampires. Laszlo asked Guillermo to get garden stakes to support his new topiary design and berated Guillermo for their resemblance to wooden stakes.[8]

Nandor discovered he had 200,000 direct living descendants, one of which being a childless woman named Madelaine Darbish living on Staten Island. Despite being warned not to by Colin and Guillermo, Nandor flew up to her window to greet her, not realizing she was 94 years old. Madelaine screamed and dropped dead at the sight. The vampires attended her funeral in a church, and Nandor began to burn at the religious surroundings. Guillermo tried to extinguish the flames but accidentally threw holy water at him, worsening his injuries. An angry Nandor extended Guillermo’s servitude by a whole year. As Nandor slept, Guillermo contemplated using the wooden stakes and then threw them across the room in disgust. To Guillermo’s horror, the stakes pierced the nearby portraits of Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja.[8]

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 2)[]

During the months leading up to the documentary crew returning, the Vampiric Council sent ten vampire assassins to the Staten Island residence to try to kill the residing vampires. Guillermo successfully killed all of them, sometimes effortlessly, and hid the killings from his roommates so that they would not suspect his vampire hunter heritage. However, the stress of constantly defending his master took its toll on Guillermo, which worsened when Laszlo and Nadja took on a lazy and unbothered new familiar named Topher. Topher’s charm made the vampires treat him more favourably than they did Guillermo.

Guillermo prepares to defend himself against Topher.

One night, Topher allowed two vampire assassins to enter the home. After killing them, Guillermo scolded Topher in the yard and advised him to stay away from the nearby koi pond due to the electrical short from the heater. Topher attempted to reset the heater but was electrocuted and instantly killed. The vampires took Topher’s corpse to Wallace, a necromancer, who agreed to bring him back. Wallace carried out the ritual and brought him back to consciousness, but when Topher returned to the house it became increasingly clear that he was a zombie. Guillermo tried to warn the vampires, but they laughed off his concerns. Topher eventually attacked Guillermo and tried to drown him in the koi pond, but Nandor rescued him. Upon realizing Topher couldn’t die, Nandor finally realized he was a zombie, and Guillermo expressed gratitude for Nandor saving him.[2]

Guillermo is blamed for ghosts messing up the house.

When several objects became misplaced and vandalized around the house, Laszlo and Nandor initially blamed Guillermo until Nadja correctly asserted that they had a ghost infestation. Guillermo helped his roommates hold several séances to bring the ghosts of Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja’s human forms back. Nadja allowed her ghost to secretly stay in the house and possess a doll to remain hidden, although Guillermo eventually found out.[18]

Guillermo at the Mosquito Collectors meeting.

On the night of the 2020 Superbowl, Guillermo joined a meeting for the small Mosquito Collectors of the Tri-State Area club to look for virgins. The group turned out to be vampire hunters who were delighted to finally have a new member in their group. One member, Shanice, claimed to be the only one who has actually seen a vampire and sadly explained how she witnessed her college roommate turn into a vampire and disappear from her life. Guillermo realized she was talking about Jenna and tearfully admitted to the camera crew that he never thought about the loved ones of the vampire victims. The group then encouraged Guillermo to join them for crossbow practice, which he turned out to be exceptional at. A flustered Guillermo made his excuses and left the meeting early.[19]

Guillermo decided to continue meeting the Mosquito Collectors in order to infiltrate the group. At the second meeting, the members discussed the house which Shanice believed to be one of the last known locations of Jenna and left in a van to slay the residents inside. Believing the house to be his residence, Guillermo called home in a hushed voice warning them that they will be killed. The vampires, under the impression that they were cursed from a chain email Nandor discovered that night, assumed Guillermo’s voice was that of Bloody Mary and panicked. The club arrived at the house, which turned out to be a completely different home, much to Guillermo’s relief. The group snuck in, split up, and discovered multiple sleeping residents, who suddenly awoke and revealed themselves to be vampires. Guillermo fought them off, killing several of them, and rescued Shanice, Claude and Tonya, but was unable to save Derek, who was taken by the vampires. The group drove away in the van in a state of shock. Upon returning home, his roommates were terrified when they heard him knock on the door and were relieved to see him again as it meant their "curse" had been lifted. Nandor blamed Guillermo for his ordeal since he supplied the laptop, but asked him to stay by his coffin for a while in case anyone tried to kill him.[20]

Nadja finally discovered that Nandor destroyed her village when she found a painting of the scene in the house. She flew into a rage and tried to kill Nandor while Colin, already drunk on power from a recent promotion at his workplace, feasted on their energy. Colin used his powers to keep the vampires aggravated and Nandor, Nadja and Laszlo continued to argue with each other until they became too weak, also draining Guillermo in the process. Nandor contemplated eating Guillermo, but did not have the strength. The vampires aged rapidly and begged for mercy from Colin, but he rejected it, claiming that they never treated him as a friend. Colin then multiplied himself, creating two more copies, and declared them to be his new friends, but they became embedded in a boring discussion and fed off each other’s energy for sixty-three minutes until they all bored themselves to death. Colin’s roommates recovered and dragged the Colins’ bodies into the yard for a burial. After they gave a heartfelt eulogy, the original Colin suddenly awakened, admitting that he pretended to be dead in order to hear it. His clones remained dead, and Guillermo buried them.[21]

Guillermo ended up burying so many human victims in the front yard that sinkholes started to emerge from the rotting cadavers. One night, while the residents tried to locate each one, a vampire named Jim suddenly appeared. Guillermo hid, and Nandor suggested Jim eat Guillermo, much to his chagrin. However, Jim was only interested in Laszlo, who had failed to pay the rent on Jim's beach house one hundred and sixty-seven years ago. Laszlo ran away and did not return for several weeks until the feud was resolved.[22]

When Nadja discovered a poorly Simon living in the sewers of Staten Island with his only remaining companions, Carol and Count Rapula, she invited him to stay at her home. Carol was immediately hostile towards Guillermo, and all the vampires assumed she wanted to eat him. However, when the two were later alone, she finally spoke and correctly accused him of being a slayer of vampires. She attacked him, and Guillermo defended himself with a broken broom, impaling and killing her. Her body immediately turned into ash, and Nandor arrived at the scene to investigate the sounds. He saw the dust, and Guillermo broke down, admitting that he accidentally killed her, leaving Nandor shocked and suspicious. Nandor insisted they keep the incident a secret to protect them both, and Guillermo “dusted” Carol’s remains away. Simon assumed that she had simply ran away. Guillermo, along with his roommates, later refused to help Simon when he stole back Laszlo’s hat and began to drown in sewer water as a result of the hat’s curse.[23]

Guillermo saves Sam from Houston.

Benjy, an elderly former familiar who was abandoned and had his memory wiped by Nandor, returned to the Staten Island household, saying his memories returned and he was ready to become a vampire. Guillermo discovered that Celeste, a familiar he knew who served the vampire Houston, had been turned into a vampire. She was recruiting multiple familiars and promising to turn them within eight months. Guillermo was so upset at Nandor’s treatment of Benjy that he left to serve Celeste. Guillermo moved into Celeste’s luxury apartment while Houston was away on a trip to Florida. Meanwhile, Benjy struggled to serve Nandor due to his old age. Nandor tried to convince Guillermo to return but was unsuccessful, as Guillermo's living conditions had greatly improved under Celeste's authority. When Houston returned home early from her trip, Celeste admitted she was only pretending to be a vampire. Houston and her vampire friends attacked the familiars, and Guillermo fled with Sam, a cat familiar. Nandor found Guillermo outside and took him back, agreeing to grant Guillermo more respect and more days off. Nandor secretly turned Benjy into a vampire and had Guillermo drop him off at a rest stop.[3]

Guillermo finally takes a day off.

Guillermo began to receive one day a week off and contemplated getting a part-time job. One night, Nandor and Laszlo were both kidnapped by a coven of witches. Guillermo drove after them with Nadja and Colin to their hideout, an aromatherapy store in Brooklyn. The three were captured and locked in a strange room covered in doors, but Guillermo managed to find the one leading to the exit. They arrived in the room where Nandor and Laszlo were held, with the witches intending to take the vampires’ semen using dangerous surgical tools for their magic. Guillermo offered to sell the witches Nandor and Laszlo’s semen on a regular basis, so that the vampires would be unharmed and the witches would have an endless supply. The witches agreed to this and freed their captives.[4]

Guillermo reveals himself to be a vampire hunter.

Despite his recent fortunes, Guillermo was troubled by the conflict between his familiar responsibilities and vampire-slaying lineage. He left the house without warning and moved back to Silvia's apartment while the vampires struggled to manage without him. Silvia's fridge broke, so he snuck back into the Staten Island house to retrieve his mini fridge, previously owned by Topher. He returned to find the house empty save for Nadja’s ghost, who told him the others were at the Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires. Guillermo saw the invite and realized it was a trap laid by the Vampiric Council. He armed himself and headed to the theatre. He hid above the stage as his masters, who had been blamed for the murders of the vampires that Guillermo had killed, were about to be executed. He swung down and killed most of the attendees, saving the vampires and revealing his hunting skills.[9]

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 3)[]

After Guillermo revealed his vampire slaying skills, his former roommates kept him prisoner in the basement. However, due to their incompetence, Guillermo was able to sneak out of his cage every morning after Colin Robinson left for work so that he could continue to do his familiar duties. His roommates did not notice this due to their lack of appreciation for him. He revealed his ability to escape when he attempted to defend his roommates against the Guide, who arrived as a representative of the Supreme Worldwide Vampiric Council. A message from the Council revealed that Guillermo has killed 70% of the most powerful vampires in the tristate area. After Nandor, Nadja, Laszlo, and Colin were chosen to be the leaders of the Vampiric Council, they put Guillermo on trial for his murders. They ultimately chose not to kill him and appointed him as their bodyguard, promoting him from his familiar position.They then all simultaneously hypnotized him to ensure that he will never harm them, not realizing that Guillermo had actually become immune to hypnotism.[5]

In a bid to seduce Meg, a gym receptionist, Nandor asked Laszlo to disguise himself as Nandor using the Cloak of Duplication in order to ask her out. Laszlo failed and passed the cloak to Guillermo, who ended up leading Meg to believe he and Nandor were in a romantic relationship. She told Guillermo to be more open about his feelings, leaving him overwhelmed and having to excuse himself.[24]

Guillermo and his roommates meet Gail's werewolf pack again.

When Nandor announced plans to propose to his on-and-off girlfriend Gail, Guillermo became worried that he wouldn't be able to protect him as closely. Gail turned out to be a werewolf and a member of the Staten Island Werewolf Support Group. When tensions rose between the vampires and werewolves, Guillermo suggested their resolve their differences “Twilight style” with a game of kickball. Nadja accidentally killed Gail with the ball and Nandor brought her back as a vampire-werewolf hybrid, with Guillermo clearly dismayed at Nandor's lack of hesitance to turn her into a vampire. Gail subsequently turned down Nandor's proposal.[25]

Guillermo receives a doily as a gift.

The roommates went on their first vacation in decades when their neighbor Sean invited them to the Monaco Grand Hotel and Casino facility for his wedding vow renewal. After the first night, the vampires struggled to sleep in the hotel and realized that the soils of their homelands had been hoovered up by housekeeping. Guillermo flew to London, Antipaxos and Southern Iran to collect new soil. Laszlo borrowed money from Sean to pay for the tickets. Once Guillermo returned with the soil, he helped his roommates use their newly regained powers to fix a boxing match to earn enough money to pay Sean back. They rewarded Guillermo with a doily for his efforts.[26]

Guillermo realizes that Derek has become a vampire.

Nandor and Nadja were presented with the opportunity to act as head judge for several vampire tribunals. In a bid for power, Guillermo convinced them into having him disguise himself as a vampire and sit on the single throne in the Chamber of Judgement. Under Guillermo's suggestion, they sentenced Iorek the Knavish to imprisonment for multiple vampicide. Guillermo was shocked, however, to realize that the next defendant was Derek. Despite his crimes being significantly lighter, Nandor and Nadja sentenced him to death in order to not look soft. Guillermo rescued Derek from the well and had him put on trial again, with a drunken Laszlo defending him. Guillermo convinced the judges that Derek's petty crimes occurred because he was left without a mentor, and Laszlo “offered” to fill that role as an alternative to execution.[27]

Nandor and Nadja's negligence caused the Sire, the progenitor of all vampires in the world, to escape his cell in the Temple of Blood-Devourers. This caused panic among the Council due to the superstition that when a vampire dies, any vampires they created will also expire. Laszlo suddenly realized that if the Baron was dead, Nadja should have also died too. He, Colin and Guillermo raced home to exhume Afanas. The Baron, in surprisingly good spirits, agreed to help the team find the Sire. The group tracked the Sire to a supermarket, where Nandor initially tried to use Guillermo as bait before accepting responsibility for the escape. The Sire was eventually calmed when Afanas spoke to him in their ancient language and became his roommate.[28]

In a single night, Guillermo had to help Nadja find her ghost after she ran away, and help Colin escape capture from a siren. Guillermo, Nadja and Nandor followed the ghost into a toy store, where she kept moving from host to host before running outside. As they chased after her, Laszlo arrived to have Guillermo assist him in buying noise-cancelling headphones to protect himself from the siren song and rescue Colin.[29]

Guillermo sneaks into the wellness center to rescue Nandor.

When Nandor fell into a depression, he was sent to confront Jan, a vampire who had not been paying her union fees. Nandor ended up getting lured into her Post-Chiropteran Wellness Center cult, a group of vampires who were trying to become human again. He left the house and refused to turn Guillermo as he went. Guillermo eventually became concerned and snuck into the cult's wellness center. He was soon caught and he kidnapped Nandor, fighting off several cult members in the process. He trapped Nandor in a car using silver-lined seatbelts and locked him in the basement cage.[30]

Nandor's roommates were horrified to find him under the belief that he was a human, and began trying to deprogram him. Their efforts made him even less happy and he decided to take a “super slumber”. His roommates were deeply saddened by this but respected his wishes, and he attempted to go to sleep his own coffin. The guide then arrived to announce that the household would be hosting a feast in honour of the Supreme Worldwide Vampiric Council. During the feast, Laszlo privately broke the news to Guillermo and Nadja that Colin was going to die that night, having reached the end of his natural lifespan. Colin announced that he would go to bed as he had a stomach-ache, and roommates realised his death was soon to come. As Colin lay in his bed, Guillermo, Nadja and Laszlo discussed their friendship. As Guillermo left to fetch Nandor, Colin passed away.[7]

Guillermo confronts Nandor.

Guillermo posed for a portrait in Colin's honor. During the painting, tensions rose, and Nandor stormed off and told the camera crew that he was planning to leave Staten Island on his own. Guillermo insisted that he needed to go with him as his bodyguard. He finally revealed that the “hypnosis” Nandor carried out on him didn’t work, and the two had a fight, with Guillermo gaining the upper hand. Nandor told Guillermo that he had passed his “test” and proved that he can take care of them both. Nandor invited Guillermo to accompany him on his journey, promising that he would turn him into a vampire once they reach the River Tigris.

Guillermo prepares to leave Staten Island.

Meanwhile, Laszlo and Nadja decided they would return to the UK for Nadja's new senior role within the council. However as they packed, Laszlo discovered that Colin had been reborn as an infant, and secretly realized he needed to take care of him. As Laszlo and Nadja went to the port of New York and New Jersey, Guillermo accompanied them to say goodbye, with the intention of returning to take Nandor to the train station for his travels. After Nadja and her doll settled into her coffin in a box, Laszlo pushed Guillermo into his coffin and nailed the box shut. Laszlo wrote a letter to Nadja explaining that he could not accompany her to the UK and had shipped Guillermo instead to look after her. Nandor sadly boarded his train alone, leaving Guillermo's luggage at the station, while Guillermo was trapped in Laszlo's coffin with only Oreo cookies and Pedialyte to survive on.[31]


  • He shares traits with Deacon's familiar Jackie: both of them seek to become a vampire. She successfully became one by Nick, while Guillermo has not yet accomplished his goal.
  • Guillermo has chosen the title “Guillermo the Great” for if he was ever to become a vampire.[8]
  • Guillermo is a talented baker.[19]
  • He and Jeremy were bullied at school.
  • He does not like to “kiss and tell”.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Guillermo's first name is a reference to Guillermo del Toro, a fellow Mexican and the director of vampire films Blade II and Cronos.
  • Guillermo’s surname, de la Cruz, is revealed in “Ancestry” during the scene where he checks his DNA results. His full name therefore translates to “Protector of The Cross”, another indication that he may become a vampire hunter.
  • When asked about Guillermo's sexuality, Harvey Guillén stated, "I can certainly say that identify him as queer because he always has borderline homoerotic moments with his master".[32] This has also been alluded to in the show in episode 4 of season 3, in which he is asked about any possible romantic relationships. Guillermo grows flustered when Nadja inquires about a possible boyfriend, in response, Guillermo says that his family keeps their "private life" private and comes close to confirming his sexuality before he's cut off by the wedding party.
  • The character of Guillermo was originally intended to be middle-aged, but the producers changed this when casting Harvey Guillén.[33]




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