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Colin Robinson is an energy vampire on Staten Island, and one of the housemates in the television series What We Do in the Shadows.


Colin Robinson is a day-walking vampire who thrives in an office environment where small talk is plentiful and reply-all email chains abound. Then he died, then an infant version of him clawed its way out of his corpse’s chest cavity, then he grew back to full adulthood in just a few short months, and now he is still around and still annoying.[6]

Early life[]

As an energy vampire, Colin Robinson's origin is unclear.[7] He celebrated his 100th birthday in 2021, but its is unclear how many times he has turned 100, he has claimed to have once been romantically involved with Davy Crockett,[1] which dates his existence back to at least the 19th century, if not the 18th. He formerly went by the name "Arthur Simon Santino", and had to change it because it was too interesting to have the initials "A.S.S." He was unsure if the parents he knew from his last incarnation were energy vampires; he describes his father as being a “RuPaul type” in the twenties and his mother, who he can barely remember, was “just boring, still is”.[8] According to his roommate Laszlo, Colin “came with the house” they reside in. He lived in the Staten Island residence with fellow vampires Laszlo, Nadja and Nandor from around the 1970s. Nandor's former familiar Benjy[2] and his current familiar Guillermo have also shared his home. He worked in an office and frequently fed off his co-workers by boring them with inane conversations.[9] Outside of work hours, Colin gained energy by aggravating his roommates[10] and trolling people online.[11]

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 1)[]

Colin at work

Colin annoys his colleagues.

Shortly after the documentary crew arrived, the vampires received a letter from Baron Afanas, a ferocious member of vampire royalty, saying that he will visit them soon. Afanas was brought in a stone coffin to the vampires’ attic. The reunion went badly, with the Baron lamenting the vampires not having taken over New York, and threatening them with death if they do not do so by the time he reawakens. Colin then drained the energy of the virgins the vampires had hoped to feast on (Jenna and Jonathan) before the other vampires could eat them. This left the two humans with no nutritional value and they were allowed to leave alive.[9]

Colin council meeting

Colin gives a talk at the Staten Island Borough Council meeting.

Reflecting upon the Baron’s demands, Colin suggested the vampires start their plot to take over Staten Island by meeting with Staten Island Borough Council, which Colin regularly attends to feast on the banality. After Colin fed off energy by giving a dull talk on zoning ordinances, Nandor warned the council that he would take over, but was not taken seriously as it had nothing to do with the purpose of the evening’s meeting.[12]

At Colin's suggestion, Nandor decided to treat the junior councilperson Doug Peterson as a “pawn” to take down council president Barbara Lazarro. He hypnotized Doug from a distance and controled his mind. Meanwhile, Laszlo targeted Lazarro to win her favour. He knocks on her door asking if there is any way the city could be improved, she mentioned that the city’s raccoon problem was getting out of control. He lured dozens of raccoons to him with a pungi, killed them, and left their bodies on Lazarro’s front porch.[12] Lazarro was horrified rather than grateful and decried the incident at the next council meeting. Peterson violently insulted and threatened the council, only to be tackled by security. Realising neither plan has worked, the vampires left, apart from Colin, who stayed to feast on the agitation.[12]

A new employee named Evie Russell joined Colin’s office. Upon realising he could not feed off her energy and that she kept telling tragic stories about herself to colleagues, he correctly assumed that she was an emotional vampire feeding off people’s pity. Both vampires cornered another worker, Biff, into a toilet and drained his energy so much that he fell into a coma.[10]

Colin breaks up with Evie

Colin breaks up with Evie.

After work hours, the two vampires confronted each other and had a psychic battle in the office before collapsing to the ground. Realising they are both lonely, they decided to date each other. Colin enjoyed dating Evie and the two drained the office energy heavily. However, after a few weeks, Evie begins to demonize Colin to gain pity from the other office workers, claiming she couldn’t afford to stay at her place and Colin was unwilling to let her stay at his. Realising the relationship was now unhealthy, Colin broke up with Evie and wished her well. She appeared to be upset with this, but was actually using her pitiful state to feed off him again.[10]

Reconsidering their plan to take over New York, the vampires decided to meet with Simon the Devious, the leader of the Manhattan vampires and owner of the popular vampire nightclub The Sassy Cat Club. They met with Simon and he only agreed to join forces if Laszlo handed over his witch skin hat. Laszlo eventually agreed, and Simon went back on his word and kicked the roommates out of the club.[13]

Nandor and Colin

Nandor and Colin discuss how they plan to free Laszlo.

While attempting to eat Phil, the vampires’ new neighbour, Laszlo entered his window in bat form only to be beaten unconscious with a broom by Phil’s girlfriend. As Colin, Nandor and Guillermo planned to get him out, Staten Island Animal Control arrived and took a caged Laszlo to their shelter, with Colin and Nandor in pursuit. Nandor failed to hypnotise the animal control workers into freeing him, so he tried two other methods of infiltrating the holding room: flying into the window as a bat, which only resulted in him accidentally freeing the wrong bat, and transforming into a dog so he could get taken in, which left him trapped in a cage himself. Meanwhile, Colin stayed at the reception to drain the energy of the worker, Bobby. Guillermo called Nadja for help and Bobby was so drained that she easily hypnotized him into giving her the door passcode to let Laszlo and Nandor out.[14]

Colin sensed angry energy from the attic and realised Afanas was finally awakening. The Baron requested to have a ‘night on the town’ with Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja. Afanas borrowed clothes from Colin to fit in. The vampires became intoxicated from drinking the blood of drunken and drugged humans. They just about arrived back at the flat as dawn approached, only for Afanas to burn to death when Guillermo opened the front door, which Colin witnessed the aftermath of.[15]

After burying Afanas, Colin’s vampire roommates were summoned to the Vampiric Council at the Temple of Blood-Devourers to be tried for the Baron’s murder. As the council ruled that all trials should have a local vampire representative, Colin was included as a judge. Guillermo confessed to the murder, only for Nandor to confess instead to keep him safe. The vampires were sentenced to death by sunlight and Colin felt powerless to fight against the decision. The vampires were locked in a well and as the sunlight approached, Colin shielded them with a beach umbrella. Guillermo smuggled the vampires, in bat form, out of the well using a cardboard box.[16]

Nadja turned Jenna into a vampire and tried to teach her how to shapeshift into a bat.[17] Upon overhearing the lesson, Colin revealed that he can transform into a gecko and impressed Jenna by demonstrating this talent.[18]

Bi-Annual Vampire Orgy

Colin at the Bi-Annual Vampire Orgy.

When Colin’s household was asked to host the Bi-Annual Vampire Orgy, Colin took part and prepared his basement bedroom for the event. The event was cut short when Jeremy, the human virgin for the vampires to feast on, was seen by the guests having sex with another vampire, Constantin. Despite the early ending, Colin was later seen enjoying a card game with Jeremy and Constantin.[19]

Guillermo had the DNA of all the vampires tested, and Colin found out that he was 100% white. Nandor discovered he had a direct descendant called Madelaine living in Staten Island and tried to greet her at her window, despite Colin warning him not to. The 94-year-old Madelaine collapsed and died at the sight of Nandor. Colin attended her funeral, unaffected by the religious imagery present, but left early to watch TV.[20]

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 2)[]

During the months before the documentary camera crew returned, Colin spent so much time at the DMV that they allowed him to have a driver’s licence. He used it to buy a convertible and block the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, infuriating the other drivers. Meanwhile, the Vampiric Council sent ten vampire assassins to the Staten Island residence to try to kill the residing vampires, including Colin. None of the vampires noticed as Guillermo successfully and secretly killed all of them.[21]

Laszo and Nadja adopted a new familiar named Topher and all the vampires treated him more favourably than they did with Guillermo. Colin did however have difficulty feeding off Topher due to his optimism. When Topher accidentally electrocuted himself to death trying to reset a water heater, the vampires decided to hire Wallace, a necromancer, to resurrect him. Colin missed the resurrection to watch a performance of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town at the nearby Staten Island School for the Performing Arts. When Topher returned to the house, it became clear he was a zombie, but only Guillermo noticed. The two familiars got into a violent fight, which Colin was unfazed by, and the vampires only realised Topher was a zombie when he tried to kill Guillermo and Nandor was unable to kill him. Wallace offered the household name keychains as a refund for his poor service.[21]


Colin takes part in a séance.

Colin began to experiment with using humour to drain energy. One night, several objects around the house were misplaced and vandalised, and the vampires realised they had a ghost infestation. The vampires held séances which brought back the ghost of Nadja’s former lover Jeff Suckler, followed by the ghosts of Nadja, Laszlo and Nandor’s human forms that died when they became vampires. Colin helped Nandor's ghost address his unfinished business by joining him and Nandor in another séance to bring back the ghost of his former horse, Jahan. Later, Colin held a séance alone and temporarily summoned the ghost of his grandmother just so that he could finally tell the “updog” joke that he had been bothering his roommates with.[7]

Colin superbowl

Colin at the Superbowl party.

Colin and his roommates were invited to a Superbowl party by their neighbour Sean. The other vampires became so distracted by other issues that Colin was free to feed off the energy of the male guests all evening, to the point where one of them urinated themselves while in a deep sleep.[22]

Colin's vampire roommates became terrified when Nandor read an old chain email saying that he had been cursed by Bloody Mary and that he must pass on the email to ten more people in order to lift the curse. They worked frantically to try and find ten email addresses to pass it on and eventually received enough with Colin’s help, although he did take it as an opportunity to bore and feed off them in the process.[23]

Colin Robinson was promoted to a management position at his workplace, which initially upset him as it meant less time at home to socialize with his immortal roommates. However, he quickly thrived within the role as he had more influence over his colleagues who now had no choice but to listen to him. Colin’s powers began to grow as fed from more energy in the office, and he used his psychic abilities to enrage his arguing roommates, creating an even stronger source of energy.[24]

Colin with hair

Colin's hair grows back due to his intense power.

Colin’s powers increased at an alarming rate. His hair suddenly grew back, he gained the ability of flight and could even drain the life-force of colleagues and plants by merely addressing them. His roommates continued to argue with each other and he drained them until they became too weak to continue. The vampires begged for mercy, but Colin rejected it, claiming that they never treated him as a friend as they never listened to him or cared about his promotion. Colin then multiplied himself, creating two more copies, and declared them to be his new friends, but they became embedded in a boring discussion over their own nicknames. They feasted off each other’s energy for sixty-three minutes until they all bored themselves to death. Colin’s roommates recovered and dragged the Colins’ bodies into the yard for a burial. They all recalled genuinely fond memories of him and expressed great appreciation for him. As they started to fill the grave with earth, the original Colin suddenly awakened, admitting that he pretended to dead in order to hear his eulogy. His clones remained dead and Guillermo buried them.[24]

Colin’s company went out of business as his rampant energy draining destroyed all productivity in the office. Colin, now back to his normal level of power, wandered into a new similar office and introduced himself as a new employee, feasting on the workers in the process.[24] [7]

Colin with doll

Colin tries to flirt with Nadja's ghost.

One night, Colin’s household was approached by a vampire named Jim, demanding Laszlo pay back his debt for not paying the rent and security deposit of Jim’s beach house one hundred and sixty-seven years ago. Laszlo’s response was to run away and temporarily flee to Clairton, Pennsylvania, refusing to disclose his new identity (Jackie Daytona) and location to his roommates. Nadja was devastated at this time and turned to Colin for consolation, who only really used it as an opportunity to feed off her energy with an awkward unwanted kiss attempt. Colin also tried to flirt with Nadja Doll (who was now possessing an antique doll), but she wasn’t interested.[24]

Colin Troll

Colin meets a real-life troll.

Colin used trolling to gain energy on the internet. One user, "Norman Hule", kept making comebacks to Colin’s trolling, and even messaged Colin a threat, which made him so angry that he tracked down Norman and got a lift all the way from Staten Island to Medford, Massachusetts. At night, Colin finally arrived at the café and found Norman, who turned out to be a real-life troll. The two began to argue, with Norman taking offense at the word “trolling”, and the two had a boring and pointless conversation all night, with Colin keeping Norman too bored to attack him. As the sun rose, Norman started to turn to stone, and Colin declared himself to be the ‘champion’ troll. Before he could celebrate, Norman grabbed his arms and solidified, leaving Colin trapped for the day.[25]

Colin open mic

Colin at the open mic night.

When Nadja and Laszlo reminisced about the music they wrote together, Colin overheard their performances. As an opportunity to feast on the audience’s energy, he encouraged the duo to take part in a “concert” he organised, which was actually an open mic night. Colin feasted on the annoyance of the audience, who booed the couple until they started performing their “seafaring” song from 1792, which was actually Kokomo, as covered by the Beach Boys.[2]

Colin vortex

Colin tries to escape the room of doors.

Laszlo and Nandor were kidnapped by a coven of witches. Guillermo drove after them with Nadja and Colin to their hideout, an aromatherapy store in Brooklyn. The three were captured and locked in a strange room covered in doors until Guillermo found the exit. They progressed into a room where the witches were about to extract Laszlo and Nandor’s semen through the use of eighteenth century surgical tools. Upon seeing Colin, who took credit for the escape, they shackled him for use as well. Guillermo saved the vampires by offering to sell the witches a regular supply of Laszlo and Nandor’s semen so the coven would not run out or harm the vampires. The witches agreed to this, but turned down Guillermo’s offer to also sell them Colin’s.[26]

Guillermo eventually became too distracted by his possible vampire hunter heritage and left the house, causing the vampires to struggle without him. They were all invited to the exclusive Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires event, not realising it was a trap set by Vladislav of the Vampiric Council. Guillermo later realised what was happening and made his way to the theatre. At the event, the four vampires were bound to their seats and forced to watch a re-enactment of them killing Baron Afanas, Ludwig, multiple Council assassins and the Hustle Dynasty (all of which were actually victims of Guillermo). As Vladislav prepared to execute the roommates on stage, Nandor claimed Guillermo was responsible and that he had been killed, but this was not believed. Guillermo then swung onto the stage and killed almost the entire cast and audience, thus saving his masters.[3]

What We Do in the Shadows (Season 3)[]

The Prisoner meeting

Colin and the vampires decide what to do with Guillermo.

Following the massacre at the Nouveau Theatre Des Vampires, the vampire roommates became afraid of Guillermo and imprisoned him in a cage in the basement. The vampires argued over what to do with him, with Colin not caring if he lived or died. After a month, the Vampiric Council guide arrived to deliver the news that the Council were impressed by the group's supposed ability to kill so many vampires and assigned them as the new leaders of the Vampiric Council of the Eastern Seaboard of the New World. The vampires then decided to let Guillermo live and promoted him to the role of bodyguard.[27]

Laszlo decided to devote his time to searching through the Council's library to explore the world’s oldest collection of pornography. Meanwhile, Colin searched through the library archives learn more about energy vampires, in anticipation of his upcoming 100th birthday.[28] During their research, Laszlo was shocked to learn that energy vampires expire on their 100th birthday, an anniversary that Colin was soon approaching. Laszlo hid this knowledge from Colin and decided to make sure that Colin's final days were happy.[29]

Colin and Laszlo with cloak

Laszlo gives the Cloak of Duplication to Colin.

Nandor asked Laszlo to use the Cloak of Duplication to disguise himself as Nandor in order to ask out Meg, a receptionist at the gym he visited. Laszlo gave the task to Colin instead out of laziness. Colin tried to seduce Meg by negging her, which angered her and led to security throwing him out. Later, he accompanied Nandor and Nadja to take notes as they tried to confront a group of young vampires who were not paying their dues as they rejected the Vampiric Council. There, Colin met a fellow energy vampire, Dave Lewis, who was a “big fan” of Colin. The two got along well, but Dave unfortunately did not share Colin's desire to find out where energy vampires came from.[28]

Stutz-Laszlo ride

Colin and his roommates ride the Stutz Laszlo.

Laszlo found his confiscated car hidden in the Vampiric Council's library and damaged it by trying to drive it out of the building. Colin offered to help repair it and ended up dismantling it. The vampires took it outside in pieces, attracting the ire of the Council's guide as they destroyed several artefacts in the process. Remarkably, the pair were eventually able to get the car reassembled and functioning again.[8]

Colin The Casino

Colin fails to notice the soils being cleaned up.

The roommates went on their first vacation in decades when Sean invited them to the Monaco Grand Hotel and Casino facility for his wedding vow renewal. After the first night, the roommates struggled to sleep in the hotel and Colin realized that the soils of their homelands had been hoovered up by housekeeping while he had been watching TV. Guillermo flew the vampires' homelands to collect new soil. In his absence, Colin kept Nandor occupied by teaching him about the Big Bang Theory. To pay for the tickets, Laszlo encouraged Sean to lend his credit card. Once Guillermo returned with the soil, the group used their newly regained powers to fix a boxing match to earn enough money to pay Sean back.[30]

Laszlo Colin Shaun Chamber of Judgement

Colin pretends to be a paralegal.

Sean soon fell into debt again after failing to sell enough pillows as part of a pyramid scheme. Laszlo offered to defend Sean in small claims court and appointed Colin as a de facto paralegal for fun. This, combined with Laszlo's lack of professional skill, caused them to lose the case.[4]

Nandor and Nadja's negligence caused the Sire, the progenitor of all vampires in the world, to escape his cell in the Temple of Blood-Devourers. This caused panic among the Council due to the superstition that when a vampire dies, any vampires they created will also expire. Laszlo suddenly realized that if the Baron was dead, Nadja should have also died too. He, Colin and Guillermo raced home to exhume Afanas. The Baron, in surprisingly good spirits, agreed to help the team find the Sire. They tracked him down to a supermarket and the Sire was eventually calmed when Afanas spoke to him in their ancient language and became his roommate.[31]

Colin and Sheila

Colin falls for the siren Sheila.

Laszlo and Colin stole a party boat in order to sail to Plum Island in the hope to find more information about energy vampires. As they sailed out to sea, they heard beautiful singing in the distance and decided to pursue it despite Laszlo correctly thinking it was a siren. The two vampires crashed into her island and were lured into her nest by her song, but Laszlo eventually gained the strength to fly away. He went to a Best Buy to gain noise-cancelling headphones and eventually returned to find Colin insisting that his love for the siren, Sheila, was real and that he wanted to stay. Laszlo put his noise-cancelling headphones on himself and Colin and flew him away. Laszlo later apologised to Colin, who concluded that he probably was just enchanted and not really in love.[32]

A depressed Nandor was sent to confront Jan, a vampire who had not been paying her union fees, and ended up getting lured into her Post-Chiropteran Wellness Center cult, a group of vampires who were trying to become human again. Guillermo became concerned and kidnapped Nandor, locking him in the basement. The vampires were horrified to find Nandor under the belief that he was a human, and began trying to deprogram him.[33] Their efforts only made Nandor even less happy and he decided to take a “super slumber”. His roommates were deeply saddened by this, with Colin upset that Nandor would be missing his 100th birthday that night, but respected his wishes.

Colin Robinson birthday

Colin celebrates his birthday.

Soon after he started his slumber attempt, it was announced that the Supreme Worldwide Vampiric Council would be arriving that night for a feast in their honour. Laszlo took the opportunity to make it a double celebration. After Laszlo took over Nadja's toast to give a passionate speech about Colin, Nadja confronted him in private and Laszlo finally revealed the truth about Colin's mortality to her and Guillermo. Colin announced that he would go to bed as he had a stomach-ache, and roommates realised his death was soon to come. As Colin lay in his bed, Guillermo, Nadja and Laszlo discussed their friendship. Guillermo took Nandor out of his slumber attempt to say goodbye, but when they arrived, the other vampires sadly confirmed that Colin had passed. Nandor refused to believe this and accidentally smashed Colin's face in while trying to wake him up.[29]

Colin reborn

Colin is reborn.

Colin's roommates, along with the guide and Afanas' household, all posed for a portrait painted by Donal Logue to honour Colin's memory. During the painting, it was announced that Nandor was to leave Staten Island to travel, eventually accepting Guillermo to go with him, and Laszlo and Nadja were to return to the UK as Nadja had been promoted to a more senior Council role. As the couple packed their bags to be shipped to London, Laszlo went into Colin's basement to say a final farewell to him, and found a hole in his corpse. He followed the trail of blood from the corpse to find a reborn infant version of Colin, and realized he needed to take care of him. As Laszlo and Nadja went to the port of New York and New Jersey, Guillermo accompanied them to say goodbye, with the intention of returning to take Nandor to the train station. After Nadja and her doll settled into her coffin in a box, Laszlo pushed Guillermo into his coffin and nailed the box shut. Laszlo wrote a letter to Nadja explaining that he could not accompany her to the UK and had shipped Guillermo instead to look after her. Laszlo and Colin were subsequently left on their own in the Staten Island residence.[34]


Collin Robinson can be best defined as annoying and boring. He tends to fluctuate from tediously analytical and slow-spoken to upbeat and chatty. Collin is very smart and resourceful finding many ways to keep his own supply of food in the form of energy available and is very knowledgeable on a variety of topics; from politics, to history, to health.

Powers & Abilities[]

Can turn into a gecko (season 1 extra clips)

Feed energetically through boring and annoying

Day walker

Fly and self replicate after a megadrain

Is not affected by fire


  • Colin's mother, who he refers to in the present tense, if she is an energy vampire, m
  • Colin never found out what the purpose of his first office was for.[24]
  • Topher is the only person who has been shown to resist Colin's attempt at draining them.[21]


Laszlo produced a double CD of baby Colin's musical performances.[35]

Call Me Colin!: An Hour of Singsongs and Laugh-'Em-Ups for the Whole Famn Damily

  • Call Me Colin
  • Rap Tap on Wood
  • Let's Face the Music and Dance
  • Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland
  • While Strolling Through the Park One Day
  • Little Jazz Bird
  • Kokomo, Seafarer's Song
  • Some of These Days
  • Toyland
  • My Little Nest of Heavenly Blue
  • Cum On Irene
  • That Certain Feeling
  • Would You - Could You?
  • Chime Again Beautiful Bells
  • At the End

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The FX YouTube channel features several videos of Colin reading “bedtime stories” to bore the viewer.
  • In “The Curse”, Colin reveals his email address to be travelbug54@aol.com, because he "likes to travel". When several viewers sent emails to this address, they received a newsletter from Colin.[36]




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